3 PPC Tips For Lawyers


Below are our top 3 PPC tips for lawyers that you can apply to your Pay Per Click campaign today.


In your PPC Account, click on a Campaign. (Dark gray column on the left side)  Then click on Settings. (Light gray column on the left side)  Then click on Additional Settings (at the bottom of the big box) Then click on Location options.

>Campaign > Settings > Additional Settings > Location Options

This is our #1 tip on how your PPC campaign settings may be wasting some of your budget. If you’re setting is on “People in, or show interest in, your targeted location” you are getting irrelevant clicks and wasting money! 

EXPLANATION:  By using the phrase “or who show interest in your targeted location”, which is the default setting, Google is allowing visitors who are NOT in your targeted location see your ads anyway.  

For example, let’s say you’re an injury lawyer in Indianapolis, looking for car accident victims in Indianapolis.   Then, someone in Denver searches the phrase “indianapolis Injury Attorney”, and there you are for that person to click on your ad.  To repeat, you have someone IN Denver, clicking on your ad and costing you money because of this one setting.  It is likely that the Denver searcher was not injured in an accident in Indianapolis.  It is also likely that the searcher is doing research to find emails, lawyer prospects, etc, and is not an actual injured person who was injured in a car accident in Indianapolis.

If you only make this one change, depending on your budget, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars each year by eliminating those irrelevant clicks.



Google doesn’t see keywords the same way as advertisers see keywords.  As the advertiser, we set car accident lawyer as a broad match keyword and think the Google will match it with any variation of car accident lawyer.

But that is not how Google sees it.  Google is trying to make a keyword match so they can charge for the click.  And this is one of those areas where Google will stretch to make a match.

Here’s an example:   John in Columbus just did a search with the keyword Smith and Jones Law.   In this example, Smith and Jones Law is a personal injury firm in Columbus, so Google sees that as a match and displays your ad!

John clicks on your ad, and you just got charged for the keyword:  Smith and Jones Law, when the keyword you thought you were paying for was car accident lawyer.   This happens ALL the time.

How to fix it?  Don’t buy broad keywords.  
Use phrase match, with quotations, “Car Accident Lawyer”, and your ad will only show when the visitor types in that phrase or a close variation.

Use exact match, with brackets, [Car Accident Lawyer], and your ad will only show when the visitor queries that exact keyword or phrase.



Why the difference is important.

In your Adwords account, choose a campaign on the left dark 
gray bar.  Then click keywords on the light gray bar.

Google defaults to Search Keywords.  This is where you
can see the search terms you have selected for your campaign.

             Campaign > Keywords > Search Terms

But when you click on Search Terms (the far right option below),
 you will see the actual term used by the person doing the search.  
This is a valuable tool where you can see exactly how people
are getting to your ads.




“SearchKeywords”   is where you will see the keywords and phrases that you are bidding on.  “Search Terms” is where you will see the actual keywords and phrases the users queried in their search.

We hope these tips have been useful and will save you time and money.

But these aren’t even our best tips!  We have many more useful PPC tips and techniques that we apply on our attorney customers’ campaigns. Please call us or email if you would like help with your PPC campaigns.


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